The Answers (Hybris)


Since the dawn of time

Man has craved the mind

To make reasons rhyme

To leave lives behind

The horizon was won

When man opened his eyes

He went blind from the sun

So he looked into lies

He stood on the mountain

And saw it was good

Thus the law was conceived

Morals carved into stone

Some were led to believe

Some were stoned for they'd known

Those who led hallowed ways

Promised rebirth from pain

Wrapped the world in their praise

Either bright or insane

As he went up the mountain

He rose to the stars

Hail to the leader

That mankind wants to be

Sail to the place in the sky

That mankind wants to see

Hail to the open book

That no-one dares to read

Look at the ones who do

And take a closer look at greed

Soon the days had to end

To have man stifled in fear

To keep his cross in his hand

To keep his vision unclear

So the tales were told

Of days destined and set

Songs sounded gold

With a hint of a threat

In the lake of fire

The mountain shall burn

Words and music by M. Borchert/ M. Schulz