Deserted (Hybris)


The sun rushes up

From between the dunes

I watch it dawn as I am drawn

To the wind and its soothing tunes

The sand is mine

Trickling through my hands

I gaze across the land

And let the cactus dance commence

I cross my mind

I cheat my sight

My feelings are inclined

To take my limbs out on a flight

The dunes march by

They wave at me

I try to ask them why

But they look at me and laugh at me

Then they're nowhere to be seen



Reality has welcomed me

Here we lie

Here we fry

All alone, the wind and I

This sandstorm's eye

Keeps calling me

It's purple cries

They swallow me

The emerald sky

Embraces me

My shadow's face

Chases me

As I face the other way



Reality's abandoned me

Must we lie?

Must we die?

Time to tell my mind goodbye

Desert Voyage

Deserted knowledge

Slowly I feel all these lies turning real

I see through skies as veils fall off my eyes

Sands of time

Roaming free

Reasons rhyme


Vultures crave

This crown of thorns

I crave a cave

A mind reborn

Words and music by M. Schulz/ M. Borchert/ A. Horstmann