Coma Berenice's (Hybris)


Past are envy and race

Gone at the pace of of a face

The face that stared and flared

Now east and west is everywhere

Peacefully curious I see

All that there is and will be

Unraveled the ways of the maze

Spent ages and days in the daze


Mighty shines the giant

The dwarfs and he share one mind

Numberless shores I explored

Breath taken I stood and adored

   Natures fires and waters

Births and departures

   All it's streams and it's grounds

It's peace and it's sounds


And as the nebula begins to glare

And all the holes are black and white

You take a look at Berenice's hair

And have existence in your sight


I searched the heavenly bodies of the vast sky and saw
the risings and settings of the stars, how the fiery
brightness of the scorching sun is darkened, how heavenly
bodies depart at certain times, and how, from any orbit in
the air, sweet love stealthily calls Diana down and banishes
her under the rocks of Latmus

when you appease the divine Venus as you look at the stars
on holidays, do not allow me, who am your own, to go
unanointed, but rather treat me with abundant offerings. I
wish that the stars would fall down! I wish that I were to
become royal hair and that Orion were now shining by


On the tray of the Libra there lies

The feather weighing down hearts and eyes

The eyes that saw through the night

Seeing her hair shining bright

Gazing cannot take you far

Unless you forget where you are

The ether will show you your place

A gear in the clockwork of space

Words and music by M.Schulz/ M. Borchert