Pawn takes Pawn (Hybris)


Since the day of no return

Freedom flies overseas

Much too long fear has spurned

Just crusading for peace

Valiant brothers in arms

Adamant soldiers of God

Black and white hanging paws

Look the same drenched in blood

Must the saviours be safe?

Must the freed fear the free?

Maybe bred as a slave

only slavers you see


Propaganda is a funny thing

Pawn takes pawn

King stays king

Banners fight

Bullets fly

Bullets bite

Banners lie


God has spread his limbs around me

God is dead and hell has found me

Were we doomed from the start

To have our lives tossed away

Have the pawns played their part?

Have the Kings had their pay?

Valiant brothers disarmed

Of their banners and pride

Why is no-one alarmed

By this fratricide?

Words and music by M.Schulz/ M. Borchert