Civic Soma are


Marc is the „Poetic Voice“ of Civic Soma. When he joined he revised most of the lyrics and he is now the lyrical and melodical force behind Soma. By way of wordplay he is breathing life into the songs.


He dedicated his life to the world of psychedelic rock. As the "Creative Heart and Soul" of Civic Soma, he's the one writing most of the songs. Before Marc joined up he also wrote all melodies and texts. Besides being the guitar player and composer he is also the organizer and leader of Civic Soma.


Soma‘s „Scientist" is all about sound. As co-founder of the band he came up with the idea to combine rock and electronic sounds in the way Civic Soma does today. He's an expert in using effects and a bassist with well-balanced feeling, knowledge and a sharp ear.



The "Wind of Change" is blowing your brains out. No chord is too freaky, no sound too unexpected. Simon's lines and sounds are everything but predictable. He has a jazzy approach to music and adds freshness and virtuosity to the concept of this group. He didn't study one but two instruments at the same time and he will use them. Be prepared.


Marc has got the drive in his heart, his hands and his life. His tastefull play combines dynamics, clarity and a ton of experience.